Project: An anthology of writing by artists who lead/teach (or previously led/taught) arts workshops inside correctional facilities.

The submissions window is now closed. Please check back for project updates and developments. Contact me at if you would like to receive email notification of these updates. Thank you for your interest. See the original call for submissions below.


Submission Guidelines + Instructions: Writing must be inspired by your prison work. It does not need to be directly connected to a specific event, experience, or person. Please indicate where names/identifying information have been changed.

  • Writing may be fiction, non-fiction, prose, poetry, experimental, non-traditional, un-categorizable.
  • You may submit as many pieces as you like (though not all are guaranteed inclusion in the anthology)
  • No length restrictions
  • Previously published material is acceptable, though un-published is preferred
  • .doc or .docx format, 12 pt. font

Submissions accepted now through January 15, 2016

About: My name is Leigh Sugar. I previously edited the Annual Anthology of Michigan Prisoner Creative Writing and facilitated creative writing workshops inside Michigan state prisons (both through the Prison Creative Arts Project). I have seen anthologies of writing by people who are incarcerated, but never a collection of writing by the artists who facilitate or teach behind bars. My motivation to embark on this project stems from reflecting on how heavily my own writing has been influenced by my experience going inside prison, and not feeling like I have an outlet or a means by which to share that writing. I know I have this writing based on my time inside, so I know other writers must as well. It is critical that we strengthen our connections to each other and find ways to share our experiences and writing so we can expand the reach of the creative work that is generated in connection to the criminal justice system. I feel a real artistic resonance with other writers who bring their craft to prison and am committed to creating an entire collection of our writing. No contract yet exists for this volume; accepted abstracts will be organized into a book proposal, which I will then submit to publishers.

Download this form here. Please circulate to any individuals or organizations you know involved in prison writing.

Peace, and thank you for your work.


4 thoughts on “

    1. Hi Eva!

      I cannot guarantee all submissions will be accepted into the final anthology, but I have had a few inquiries from people doing this work in countries other than the United States, and at this point I encourage you to submit if you’re interested!

      Thank you for your comment, and don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have further questions:


  1. I had a performance project with women prisoners in the Philippines…is there a possibility that you will be open to works from other countries?


    1. Hi Belen,

      I am so sorry I did not respond to you earlier! I am still determining whether or not the book will include works from other countries, but I have received interest from people involved in international projects and encourage you to submit!

      Thank you,


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